Writing for Kids: A Guideline

It will surprise most of us how much kids love to read but what they read is hinged on how authors who write for kids pen their words. Below are guidelines to help you write for a kid.

CREATE A VISUAL VOCABULARY: When writing for a kid, you should write in such a manner as to paint a visually appealing picture, you should do more of descriptive writing that narrative. Describing characters and objects in your write up brightens up the kid’s visual vocabulary.

CREATE AN IMAGINATION: Without imagination, a kid’s world is bland. You should write in a manner that suggests all manner of ability and no form of limitation. Most kids dream and imagine a lot and if your writeup does not encourage them to imagine beyond their environment, you would quickly lose their interest.

WRITE IN SHORT AND SIMPLE SENTENCES: Kids have a short attention span and if you keep winding your words into endless sentences, you would most likely confuse a kid and drive such one away from your writings. To keep a kid, keep it short.

WRITE WITHIN A KID’S WORLD: Some kids are not exposed to some environments and if you do not write within their exposure, you are sure to confuse such a kid. Kids have their own world and when you write, you must immerse yourself in the world of a kid and write like a kid to another kid, that way you get the information across to the kid faster than any language could communicate it.

PICK A SIMPLE TOPIC OR AREA OF INTEREST: No kid wants to burden himself with the knowledge of tomorrow, it will be unwise to delve into areas that are advanced in the name of writing for the future. Kids live in today, they do not have plans for tomorrow and in your writings, you should consider that tomorrow does not exist and make the best of today and the now.

CREATE A STORY: Kids love stories, it doesn’t matter what exactly you are trying to teach a kid, if you wrap it within a story then you have an attentive pupil. Always create stories from whatever article you plan to write for a kid. The information gets lost when the storyline does not encourage excitement and anticipation.

HAVE A HAPPY ENDING: Your writing should have a happy ending. Kids love happy endings and the least you can do is to give them one


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